Ode to a Dentist?

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Ode to a Dentist?
Sussex, Wisconsin
August 17, 2017

Yes, there is reason to praise a dentist.

My husband and I have the good fortune to be patients of Dr. Sarah Martin. We came to her after moving to Sussex from Greendale, WI.

From the very start, she came into the room with a soft spoken voice and warm smile. She quickly took charge of our exams and explained everything she was doing thoroughly. We had an instant connection of peace as we could see her knowledge and experience shine.

Since that day approximately three years ago, she has literally saved my life. I am one of those people who needs to take Warfarin (a blood thinner). On a weekend when Dr. Martin was out of town, I developed a bleed which sent me to the hospital at 4:00 A.M. The hospital could not help so I called her and she drove over 80 miles to meet me at her office. Dr. Sarah stopped the bleeding as only she could. I am so thankful for her willingness to do this and the unbelievable kindness, caring and compassion she showed. To date, Dr. Sarah has always been there for both my husband and me.

We talk up her very kind professionalism to our neighbors and our family. She is one in a million. My husband actually says and I quote “I look forward to going to the dentist!” Who says that?

Thanks Dr. Sarah Martin for being the great doctor that you are! You have truly been there for us. We look forward to many more years being in your care.