Root Canals & Extractions

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing portions of tissues called the dental pulp, which consists of the nerve and the blood vessel. The dental pulp is located inside the crown of the tooth and down the center of the root (the root canal). The outer portions of the tooth and root are left completely intact. The pulp tissue is removed after the tooth dies or the pulp tissue becomes infected causing an abscess to develop. Infections in the pulp chamber cause severe and debilitating pain. A course of antibiotics may be necessary to help reduce the infection before the root canal therapy can be initiated. Once the infection is under control, the root canal procedure is painless and involves reshaping and sterilizing the pulp chamber and internal canal. A permanent filling is placed inside the tooth and a crown is needed to strengthen the outside of the tooth.

Dental Extractions

We provide extraction services for primary teeth, wisdom teeth (erupted and impacted), removal of teeth for orthodontics, and removal of any decayed, fractured, or un-restorable teeth or roots. Before initiating any extractions we may need to get medical clearance from a primary Physician to ensure good overall health. Whether a single tooth or many teeth are extracted, there are many tooth replacement options. Missing teeth should be replaced to restore natural form and function and to prevent the shifting and collapsing of the dental arch.

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